Friday, October 14, 2011

Compare & Contrast

          "The Fight" by Richard Wright and "The Confrontation" by Raymond Barrio are both very similar but different stories. They each have their own views on standing up for oneself and respecting oneself as well. Even though they have there are similarities they also have the differences. They handled there situation very differently. The characters both didn't let themselves get stepped by anybody. At the end the everyone respected them for standing up for themselves. 
           In "The Fight" a young boy was afraid to start school because he didn't know if the other kids would pick on him and they did. He thought he had to fight to win there respect. In "The Confrontation" Manuel worked very very hard in the hot sun to get payed but his boss always took some money out of all of the workers paycheck. When his boss Roberto Morales promised that this time he wasn't going to take anymore money and did it anyways Manuel couldn't stay quite anymore. These two stories are different because they used different ways to get what they wanted. One used fighting as a method to get respect and the other used words.
         In "The Fight" the young boy only want to be excepted and respected. He didn't want to be pushed around the rest of his life so he stood up for himself. In "The Confrontation" Manuel worked very hard and deserved to get pay what the promised him all he want was respect as well. He also didn't want to be pushed around anymore by his boss so he stood up for himself. These two stories are similar because they both didn't want to be pushed around anymore.
          In both stories the characters stood up for themselves. They didn't want to be pushed around in a place they had to be everyday. They both used different method to achieve what the wanted but at the end the got the respect the hoped for. Even if it risked there job and safety.

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