Wednesday, November 16, 2011


        Irony is when someone say Something but does something else. Irony is everywhere we may not see but it is. Cartoon artists use it to be funny. Teachers use it to make a point. We also see irony everywhere as well. I saw irony once when I was taking the train and there was a poster that said "Help the Homeless" and underneath there was a homeless person sleeping on the floor.
       "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington is a very good example of irony because Richard Cory was a man that everyone thought was happy because he always said good morning. He always had a smile on his face. Everyone envied him because he appeared to have everything the story says "He was rich- yes, richer then the king". In reality he was alone. He was a very sad man so sad to the point of killing him self. This story is ironic because Richard appeared one way which was happy, friendly, and rich all the characteristic of a cheerful person, but in reality he was alone, sad, and depressed.
        In "The Necklace" Guy De Maupassant irony was very important because Loisel was a very poor women she wanted everything. She was very sad because she envied rich people and her good friend Jeanne who was rich. One night her husband brought and invitation to a party she bought  dress but had no money for jewels. She asked Jeanne to leaned her some jewels and Jeanne said yes she showed her all her jewels and let her use any of them.  She like all the necklace but she loved one and Jeanne loaned it to  her but she lost in on her way home her husband and her had to buy her a new to replace the one she lost and spent 10 years paying off the depth. One day Loisel went the park saw Jeanne she had 10 years with out seeing her and told her what happened that night with the necklace. Jeanne told her that the necklace wasn't real. The Irony in this story is Loisel wanted to be rich have nice things but when her rich friend Jeanne lent her a necklace of all the jewelery that was there she wanted the cheap fake necklace.
       The irony in "The House that Slaves Built" by Gardiner Harris is that mostly slaves built the White House and for years no African Americans were allowed in the White House. As time went on people started noticing there was no reason to keep then out of the White House. Therefore more and more presidents started inviting them in even though they were told not to. Today lots have changed Barack Obama lives there with his family.
       It is ironic that so many people don't understand irony, irony is used almost everywhere. Someone so smart like she is should at least have a understanding of what irony is. They make us learn it in school yet there are so many people out there that don't know the meaning of the word irony.
         This cartoon is ironic because one dog is saying to the other i don't know where your mouth have been yet he's mouth is in a toilet.
         I don't think the song is ironic i think its just very bad luck. There are something she says that are ironic like "A non-smoking sign on you cigarette break" but other then the few quotes there isn't really anything ironic about the lyrics. The song may be ironic because she's singing about irony when she herself doesn't know the meaning about irony. " a man turned ninety- eight today, he won the lottery and died he next day" isn't ironic its just how life works.

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