Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Fight

        In "The Fight" by Richard Wright, a young boy started a new school he was scared because he didn't know what would be he test to be accepted by the other kids. As soon as a group of boys approached him he decided to prove him self to the other kids by showing them he wouldn't back down from a fight. One of the kids who approached him asked him a series of questions and he answered back with snappy come backs. The boy asking the questions provoked him a little more until they ended up fighting. After this he was waiting until the next fight to happen so he can be prepared. He even got a weapon but after he had proven he wouldn't back down from a fight everyone left him alone.
       I do agree of what he did but at the same time I don't. Being in a new school can be challenging because I don't know how the other kids will react to me. If I do ever go to a new school the first thing anyone does is put there guard up because some kids will try to pick on me because I'm new. Some kids would try and not to fight but in this case the character chose to fight. I wouldn't pick to fight because fighting usually leads to even more fighting but I do have to defend myself.
       I wouldn't fight like I said before but I would defend myself. Fighting leads to more fighting. Who would want that kind of pressure on them to have to be aware of my surroundings all the time because someone might just pick a fight with me. So sometimes it is OK just to ignore and walk away It isn't that big a deal. If they do hit me or a group hits me, my advise would be if there's only one kid fight back and if there's a group run like wind, only fight if I have no other choice.
      This actually has happened to me well not exactly the way this happened but similar. I was in the 3rd grade and every thing went OK for the first few day but then a rumor started that a group of girls wanted to hit my entire class. Just like the boy in the story I wanted to prove myself to the other kids prove that I was no coward. At lunch time I approached the girls and they looked very scary but I asked them anyway. When I asked them if the rumors where true one of the girls just laughed and said "no we only wanna hit you", so I  asked them when and where the girls never showed up and we never fought.
       What he did wasn't exactly the right thing to do. It wasn't the right thing to do because is was on school grounds. On his defends the kids did provoke him so he did what he thought he had to do. He felt like he had to show the kids that he could defend himself that he wasn't scared of them. If the kids never picked on him he wouldn't have fought.

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