Wednesday, January 11, 2012


         One very important choice I made was transferring to this school. The process it took me was to decide if that's what I really wanted to do it was really hard because I was leaving my friends and the other was how to tell my parents. Yes, I meet a lot of interesting people and it turned out the get along with my other friends pretty well.
         In "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost  he was given to paths one that's looked like a lot of people have gone through and the other that seems like no one was walked through. The path he chooses was the one that people hardly walked. He said "Then took the other, as just as fair And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear" this basically says he chose the best one because it was grassy and nice. The path in the poem means where he is going with his life and is going to do the right things. He did choose the right one because in the last part of the poem he said "I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. He chose to pick the road less traveled which meant he made the right choices in life and it's made a lot of difference in his life.
       In "Dead End" by Rudolfo Anaya the story of the Hispanic legend of La Llorona is incorporated in the story when Maria saw a lady in the middle of no where and it reminded her of the story her mom used to tell her of La Llorona. The setting of the story is important because it has a little influence in her choices. The main character is Maria she is very smart and always does the right thing then there is maria's brother and sister and they are younger then she is Frankie is the guy Maria has a crush on. The conflict of this story is Maria promised her mother, who passed away, that she was going to become something of herself. Maria always did the right thing even if the other kids weren't always stood home to help her brother and sister, but then Frankie started getting interested in Maria so he drove to her house and they went for a drive and he asked Maria if she wanted some pot Maria had a choice to make and that was if she wanted to be like all the other girls and go no where or if she was going to do what she promised her mother. Frankie first appeared with a group of boys and girls and one of the girls told Maria "Frankie was lonely" but Maria chose not to go. The promise Maria made to her mother was that she would become someone important like a doctor, yes, because you have to chose if you're going to keep that promise or not. Empathy and Envy are important in choice making because they both give us a choice to make it our choice if we have so much envy we're going to try to be like that person. The symbol of this story is even if we want to do what the other people are doing doesn't mean that it's the right thing so it's your choice to do the right thing or not.
There is a connection between our happiness and choices just because we made the right choice that doesn't mean it makes us happy and if we make the wrong choice that doesn't mean it always makes us happy either. We are happy with having choices because we have the right to pick what we want to do with are life's, We aren't always happy with the choices we make even if it is right or wrong. I'm a satisficer, I don't try to be good at everything and I don't always make the right choices because we are only human and making mistakes is a part of learning. Regret can make us depressed and unhappy because of the choices we make. Adopting to are choices is like your in a ice cream shop we want vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream but we can only have one flavor so we pick chocolate ice cream. We are adopting to only the chocolate but we still want the vanilla and adopting also leads to regret because we may regret taking the chocolate. We do have high expectations when we make a choice because when we make a choice and we think is the right one things don't always go as planned. When we have high expectations we make a choice we expect something but it doesn't do as planned we can get really disappointed. 
the man i the cartoon is satnding in the middle of the road. There are three sign and the sign are shaped like arrows pointing in different directions. The three signs says Yesterday, today, tomorrow. He has to make a choice of those three of which one is he going to focus on. Either three is going to influence his life. 

The choice we make are always going to influence are life in the future no matter how small it really is. My choice have definitely made big changes in my life. Maria's choice have also made changes to her life she chose to keep the promise to her mom to become something in life. there are two kinds of people maximizer and satificer, maximizer never settle for second best and satificer settle for okay. I'm a satificer i never really try to get the grade I know i can get i settle for just okay.

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